Participant/ Parent Agreement

 As parent/guardian of the named player,

 I hereby give my permission for his/her participation in SOAR and state that my child is in good health. This application is made with the expressed understanding that SOAR, its employees, volunteers, and sponsors, are not responsible for any sickness, damages, or injury that the player may incur while participating in this program, or during transport to and from the program site. I give permission for photographs and/or video to be taken of my child or family during normal program activities to be used in SOAR promotional materials without thought of remuneration.  I further understand that all fees must accompany application, cleats and shin guards are required, no insurance is provided by SOAR, and proof of insurability is required.

 As a SOAR participant, I agree to abide by SOAR policies and guidelines for good sportsmanship. 

 Drugs, alcohol and/or any tobacco products, vapor cigarettes, also weapons of any sort (e.g., knives, guns) will not be permitted on the Sports Complex. If any person is found in possession or under the influence of any of the above, he/she will be asked to leave or sent home at the expense of the parents — either by the parent coming to pick up the participant or expenses for any other transportation – and law officers will be notified.